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Search Term Analysis
  • The exact number of sales for a search term
  • Sales and Conversion of Organic Leaders
  • Most clickable (relevant) product by search term
  • Popularity ranking and seasonality of search terms on Amazon
Analyze the search term
Promotion in TOP organic positions
  • Analysis of Amazon earnings by search term in search results leaders
  • Calculation of the optimal purchase price
  • Cost and reasonability of promotion in TOP1, TOP2 and TOP3
  • Calculation of the number of orders to get into the TOP of search results
Calculate order plan
Semantic core selection
  • Based solely on search queries entered by customers on Amazon. No trash keys.
  • Keys that will give the main sales and need to be promoted.
  • Keys for which it is necessary to index, but it is not reasonable to promote.
  • Brand requests.
  • List of words that the listing should consist of (Removal of duplicates).
  • Does not require correction or additional analysis
Form a semantic core
ASIN analysis
  • Keys by which users found ASIN on Amazon
  • ASIN relevance to search query
  • Dynamics of ASIN position in organic search results.
Assemble the competitor's semantic core
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Reliabilitybased on Amazon Brand Analytics Data
Huge amount of data1 million search terms daily
Saving timeonly relevant data that brings sales, no trash
Saving moneypromote your product in Amazon Organic in the cheapest way

Asinstat is an incredibly useful service that helps me to succeed on Amazon. The data available through the tool is always up to date and accurate, making it a great resource for PPC campaigns. I've been using Asinstat for a few months now and have already seen positive results: I've managed to promote 12 products to the TOP using the data from the tool. So, I highly recommend Asinstat for any advertisers looking to increase visibility on Amazon.
OliverPPC Manager
I recently discovered the Asinstat and it is truly incredible! Before Asinstat, I used to spend hours manually forming a semantic core for my Amazon page. But with Asinstat, this process is automated and done in a matter of minutes. It's easily one of the coolest Amazon services out there and I highly recommend it!
Madison7-figure Amazon seller
I am amazed at the capabilities of the Asinstat. Previously, I had to manually link different indicators in Excel, creating a time-consuming and tedious process. Thanks to Asinstat, I no longer have to do all this work, as it takes care of everything. It is an incredibly powerful Amazon tool that has made my life much easier. I am confident that anyone who uses the service will be satisfied and will benefit from it.
Dylan7-figure Amazon seller
Asinstat is an absolute game-changer for me and my life. It has revolutionized the way I organize and manage my data. I no longer need to spend hours manually inputting data into Excel and laboriously crunching the numbers. Instead, Asinstat does all of the work for me in just seconds. With Asinstat, I can quickly and accurately analyze my data, making it easy to identify trends and take decisive action. Asinstat gives me back my time and helps me make better, more informed decisions. It’s an indispensable tool that I can no longer imagine my life without.
I'm blown away by how convenient the process of forming a semantic core is with Asinstat! Thanks to their calculations, I was able to quickly understand exactly which words needed to be promoted. With the help of Asinstat, I was able to promote 19 products to the TOP of the Amazon search results - a feat I wouldn't have been able to accomplish without their service. Asinstat helped me to automate my work and make it easier than ever before! This incredible service makes it simple to get the job done and keep things running smoothly.
ArtemPPC manager
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Easy transition between tariffs. Cancel subscription at any time. Retention of all data if the subscription expires.
Alex SentonAccount Manager at Asinstat